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Armoured Vehicles

Ultimate Armour Works was established in 2005 in response to market demand for quality, reliable civilian armoured vehicles. Experienced management implemented designs to deliver vehicles that overcame the common field issues prevalent at the time. We have maintained long term supply contracts with several of the customers who first placed their trust in purchasing UAW vehicles in those early years, with several fleet managers still using our vehicles 10 years since deployment.

In 2009 UAW became the first Middle Eastern producer to fully certify a civilian armoured vehicle against blast and ballistic threats. We have continued our testing program and now offer a range of fully tested and certified vehicles commonly used in the civilian armoured vehicle market. We have been at the forefront in the industry in systems, specialized machine tooling, equipment and testing programs to ensure that our vehicles maintain a leading position for reliability and protection. For these reasons, the mantra “Innovation not Immitation” was applied.

Today we remain committed to quality and continually maintain and update the rigorous ISO systems to ensure consistency of production. A visit to our facility will leave any experienced professional in no doubt that we have designed and implemented systems like no other company in our industry, offering customers peace of mind in relation to the traceability and consistency of product and allowing better information to respond quickly for after sales support. We fully support all vehicles supplied and offer a quick turn around on spare parts, keeping your vehicles operational when needed most.

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Our customers include

  • NGOs
  • Diplomats
  • Government entities
  • Security companies
  • Contractors
  • Banks / Corporations
  • Distributors & Agents